you don't have to be small ....

....or a Mom to enjoy small magazine. I subscribe (it's free) to this beautiful online publication, so I was alerted to the spring '09 issue via e-mail this morning. Along with the 60 degree-sunny Houston weather, and a mug of an Enfusia & rooibos blend, small has my brain fully percolating and inspired. This is good because I must continue to prepare for my next Curator article today.

I mean, check out the breathtaking, vibrant art of Julie Morstad* (pages 23-24, 25-26):

[image courtesy of Crust Station ~ click to see larger]

And the illustrations of Amy Kligman (pages 85-86, 87-88):

[image courtesy of Feed Your Wall ~ click to see larger]

And, an amazing spire playhouse weaved of English willow by Judith Needham (pages 29-30, 31-32, 33-34):

[photo courtesy of Judith Needham]

There's also a honey nut granola bar recipe (pages 17-18) by Heidi Swanson, so be sure to check out the entire issue.

Of course I'll be a Mom one of these days, but for now, I am just very pro-kid in America and elsewhere. I'm also a firm believer that motherhood is one of the most creative acts ever. small magazine shines that truth a little brighter.

* - If you click "small draw" on small's top navigation bar, you can download a black & white pdf of Julie Morstad's work. It's intended for your kids to color, but I'm adding colored pencils to my grocery list. I wanna color, too.
(you can download more "small draws" from back issues of small....)


Alina said...

So fun. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you are going to color.

nicole said...

I first saw that willow castle a few weeks ago, and have been smitten ever since. I've also be dreaming of ways to build it myself.

B said...

I'm enjoying following your blog and all the neat links it leads small magazine. The art is lovely...and I LOVE to color (age 40)! It's one of the most restful things I know to do. I appreciate your love of beauty, sense of style and joy for the Lord. Thanks for writing. Blessings. B.

jenni said...

Thanks, Alina. What brand of colored pencils should I buy? I want really good ones. :)

Nicole, I swear I instantly thought of you when I saw that willow playhouse.

Thank you, B!

kate o. said...

i'm a small magazine fan, too, but secretly wish they would also publish it in print format - too pretty to stay on the screen.

jenni said...

Kate, I'd love a print edition. Many a page would hang from my inspiration wires.

Abbie said...

what a lovely playhouse!