the curator ~ edition #23 [stay home]

Johnny is abandoning me today. OK, not really, but he is leaving to play drums with Ross King. It's just for one night, though, so I guess I'll live. I'm thinking: quality reading time and a good movie thanks to Netflix. Plus, my friend Kimberly is coming over this afternoon to eat buttermilk pie (nutty-chocolate coconut cookies for me), sip tea or coffee, and give me an embroidery lesson. I'm pretty excited. Then I'll be able to cross part of #5 off my list. And seeing as I run a little tea shoppe in my pantry, I'll send her away with a paper bag full of tea - grown-up party favors?

Before Kimberly arrives, I'll be reading The Curator as I do every Friday. Today we have four great articles including a beautiful essay in words & pictures by my good blog-friend, Nicole. Within her lovely words (and photos) she mentions an essay by Rebecca Solnit, an amazing author. I've read part of A Field Guide to Getting Lost; it blew my mind so much that I put it down for the time being, but I will surely pick it back up again. Gorgeous writing. Wanderlust: a History of Walking is on my to-read list.... Anyway, Nicole's piece is quite inspiring along with Sarah's, Ty's, and Christy's:

Morality Suspended in Seven Pounds
by Sarah Hanssen
Seven Pounds: touching, or morally reprehensible?

Fallout 3:
Maturing the Action RPG Genre

by Ty Fujimura
A review of Fallout 3, which offers gamers an engrossing and rich experience that sets the bar for the action RPG genre going forward.

A Radical Proposal:
Stay Home

by Nicole Gliddon
An essay in words and pictures about a radically countercultural proposal: just stay home tonight.

Does Professional Journalism Matter Anymore?
by Christy Tennant
The reports of journalism’s death are greatly exaggerated - but the landscape is changing.


nicole said...

what a beautiful photograph, jenni. thank you for the kind words, too. xo

jenni said...

Thanks, Nicole. And you are most welcome. I really loved your piece!

Kimberly said...

thank you jenni for a wonderful day. you are a wonderful hostess and i had an amazing visit, getting to know you better. you did a great job on your first cross-stitch project! i love my little bag of goodies and have already had a nice hot cup of moroccan orange spice tea, mmmm. you are an incredible woman of faith and my life has been blessed just by knowing you. thank you for your friendship.

jenni said...

I had fun, too, Kimberly. We'll have to schedule part 3 of my lesson in the near future.... :)