five senses tuesday

["Lovebirds" by Geninne]

-Milo sitting behind the Indian tapestry curtain in our bathroom, in the morning light.
-Gray clouds.
-Incense smoke curling every which way.
-A great new issue of Comment magazine.
-Tall pine trees swaying in the wind.

-The dryer tumbling our towels.
-The dishwasher running.
-Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP.
-Rain on the rooftop.
-Johnny bidding his young British drum student, Harry, goodbye.

-My first organic Honeycrisp apple. Whoa.
-Enfusia yerba mate + rooibos almond tea.
-Then a cup of Assam tea with safflowers.
-Simple bread (I subbed erythritol for agave).
-Raw macadamia nuts.

-Cherry blossom incense lingering in the living room long after it turned to ashes.
-Scrambled eggs in coconut oil.
-Blue eucalyptus & lavender laundry liquid.
-Water lily + aloe dryer sheets.
-Cinnamon bar soap.

-Shea butter under my eyes.
-An Epsom salt bath or two.
-Harley purring on my lap.
-Stuffing a handful of tea bags into a manila envelope bound for Brooklyn, NY.
-Grateful for Johnny and a lil' Valentine's date this weekend. We're thinking Yia Yia Mary's and Antidote. Maybe the Menil and a good movie, too.


Amanda Mae said...

how funny! I love scrambled eggs in coconut oil! And Bon Iver, oo la la!

its all so beautiful, thanks for sharing. I'm going to post something similar soon, thanks for the idea!!

shari said...

a lovely list. those lovebirds are adorable.

jenni said...

Thanks, you two. :)

kate o. said...

aren't honeycrisps the best? i remember the first time i had one. unbelievable. makes those "red delicious" not so delicious.

perhaps i'll try the coconut oil/egg combo...

jenni said...

Kate, Honeycrisps are right up there with Granny Smith for me! And scrambled eggs in coconut oil is truly, strangely yummy. :)

jenni said...
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jenni said...

I meant, "scrambled eggs in coconut oil are truly, strangely yummy"


nicole said...

cinnamon bar soup sounds fabulous.

jenni said...

Nicole, it really is. That and their tangerine-orange soaps are my favorites.

nicole said...

I meant to say soap, not soup. ;)

have you heard of this cinnamon soap? it has an interesting story behind it.

jenni said...

That's really cool, Nicole!