a hotel with a soul

Some Friday reflections:

:: It seemed like a Texas piñon coffee kind of day, and so it is.

:: But my kind husband picked up a box of Allegro citrus spice green tea, so I'll be trying a cup this afternoon. He knows his tea-loving wife very well.

:: Yesterday eve, I baked yet another batch of these cookies while listening to David Mead's Live at Eddie's Attic 2/4/09. I'd love to see him live in Houston; even Austin. Until then, this album suffices quite nicely.

:: In other listening, a free lecture entitled "The Wound of Beauty" is very worth your time. It's by Gregory Wolfe, the editor of Image journal.

:: I discovered more tweak-able cookies courtesy of Elana's Pantry. Butter cookies? Yes.

:: Speaking of recipes, I added a Super Natural recipe search button to the sidebar. I discovered this helpful resource via the habit of being. I thought it was a great idea since some of you have special dietary needs and want to eat whole, natural foods as I do. Click the cute tree and check it out. By the way, this recipe search engine is the brainchild of Heidi Swanson - the author of one of my favorite cookbooks, Super Natural Cooking.

:: I can't wait for the unveiling of 3191 Miles Apart sometime today, and I think Shelter is super cool.

:: I received the very last issue of domino magazine. Aunt Denise gave me a gift subscription, then generously renewed it a few times. I was inspired by every single copy that arrived in my mailbox. The March 2009 issue is beautiful closure - a fun spread on Austin, TX for one thing. RIP, domino.

:: I hope this new Orla Kiely collection is stocked at our local Target. I'm headed that way today for a few basics such as Epsom salts, Kleenex, and 1-2 method cleaning supplies, but an Orla Kiely canister or coffee mug sure would be nice.

:: From now on, there will be a new format here for Curator-Fridays. It has been my pleasure to post all of the articles from the first 23 editions of The Curator, but it's always nice to change up ye olde blog. Besides, you can click that good-lookin' Curator button to your right to read a new edition every Friday.

:: Why, I happen to have an article up today ~ "The San José: A Hotel with a Soul."


Amanda Mae said...

Heidi Swanson is also a favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing that widget, its great!!

Lindsay said...

Great article today, Jenni. As usual. :)

Happy Friday the 13th!

jenni said...

Thanks, Lindsay!

Hey - were y'all able to see the new 3191 blog? I canmot click over! Do I have the link wrong? :(

jenni said...

"cannot".... :)

jenni said...

Never mind, the link is working now! Johnny worked some kind of technical magic. Weird.

Julie said...

jenni, i loved your article on the hotel san jose! the history sounds really interesting... i want to check out that documentary now.

jenni said...

Thank you, Julie!