meet my new mug

I tried to ignore the charm of that Orla Kiely mug, but as you can see, I failed. I dropped by Target for one method soy candle and a box of Kleenex, and caved to a cheery, manipulative end cap display of dishes.

I am definitely not on Spring Break. I'm starting my next Curator article today which would be two weeks before my deadline. This is a first and a habit I intend to keep. I'm also back to my most bookwormish ways, perusing:

-the genius of Biblical charity & gleaning laws (thus planning a trip to the Goodwill store near our house),
-poetry by Billy Collins, then Philip Levine (library finds),
-much-needed advice on homemaking from author Cheryl Mendelson (another library find),
-and tips on how to write and edit courtesy of Strunk & White and Maira Kalman (a re-read).

Oh, and I'm purchasing a 12 session self-paced copy editing course from I guess I'm "going back to school."

I am so inspired that I'm somewhat overstimulated, filling my journal with all kinds of quotes, thoughts, and writings. But this is my life and I love it.


Kaylovesvintage said...

great mug and lot's of book....enjoy

Ali O said...

i keep eyeing that mug myself! i'm inspired by your writing/editing/quotes and thoughts. i am in dire need of cracking open my journal.

shari said...

would love to hear what you think of the copy editing classes. that interests me as well. a lovely little mug, too. hope you have a good day.

kate o. said...

i, too, caved to the orla kiely at target phenomenon. i got the reusable shopping bag that folds up for easy purse-stashing. it also has the great pear motif.

isn't it amazing when you read back through the old and new testaments and realize God's grace and provision for his people in regards to justice and mercy?

what do you think of the mendelson book?

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all...

Kate, it is amazing - I'm really blown away by George Grant's book on Biblical charity. It just makes plain sense. I pray we can inspire many other folks to get involved. I haven't started Home Comforts yet (too much reading on my plate yesterday), but I plan to read some today. And do dark laundry. :)

annelies said...

I fell prey to this mug too... It's so cute (and somehow makes my tea drinking experience that much better)!

jenni said...

Annelies, things do taste better in this mug!