workin' it

["my little empire" by seasprayblue]

I did not intend to take a near week-long blog break, but it happens. Recently, I received a few work-related opportunities that I'll tell you about later. And so, I'm inspired to find that efficient, holistic balance of writing from home and household chores. Kate sent a list of brilliant ideas and I'll pick up Home Comforts from the library on Saturday after La Madeleine with a friend. I discovered that I really can't live without iCal and my Moleskine daily planner. God help my brain.

Today it's:

-burning soy candles to combat this dreary weather.
-reading Bringing in the Sheaves & taking lots of notes (thoughts most likely to appear on my blog soon).
-reading for Curator article research. Gotta love when work is fun and right up your alley.
-cleaning the half bath adjacent to the laundry room - the facilities that Johnny's drum students use.
-laundry so that J. will have clothes to wear for his out-of-town drum gig this weekend.
-Grey's Anatomy and LOST (DVR'd).

More tomorrow....


alissa wilkinson said...

Did you know Cheryl Mendelson also wrote the "Morningside Heights" trilogy of novels? They're not terribly well-written, but they have a distinctly Jane Austen-y feel to them even though they're about contemporary people living in Morningside Heights (that's up near Columbia in Manhattan). I enjoyed them.

jenni said...

I did not know that - thanks for the literary tip. :)

Sherry said...

Hi Jenni,

I am wondering what you use for cleaning bathrooms, etc. The strong stuff that works, I'm just too sensitive to. So it causes a flare.

jenni said...

We use a combination of products by method (from Target) and Seventh Generation. And Bon Ami to scrub our sinks:

But I've been wanting to make some of my own cleaning products for awhile and plan to do so soon: