tea & book compulsions

[an oldie but a goodie on a coffee kind of day]

In addition to balancing research and writing with work on the homestead, I've had a really good week, especially Wednesday. We tried chipotle lime salmon for lunch and it is my kind of recipe - simple, healthy, aromatic, and tasty. It was so easy that I plan to make it often, perhaps with cedar papers. I adore salmon.

In the evening, we dined at P.F. Chang's with my brother to celebrate his belated birthday. Chang's is always good, but the Highland Park location has a particularly nice vibe. This China bistro is nestled in one of my favorite shopping centers within walking distance of Kiehl's, Anthropologie, and west elm. We watched the sun set from a table next to a big window. My two men enjoyed a cocktail; I ordered a cast iron teapot of Dragon Eye oolong with notes of safflower, peach, apricot, and pear. My sibling is a manager at Baker St. Pub & Grill and as I sipped cup after little white cup of the exotic tea, he told me that he's only allowed to order the basic teas - Earl Grey and the like. Basic is good, too, but I said, "If you ever need a tea shopper, I'm your girl." Right??

I also ordered a huge chopped chicken salad doused with fresh-squeezed lemon & lime juice. Delicious. I'm finding that simple concoctions are some of the very best. When I asked why restaurant salads must be so big, Johnny proceeded to quote the appropriate Seinfeld episode. My husband is a walking Seinfeld encyclopedia. Literally. I like the show, but he loves it. Elaine once discussed the semantics of big salads, just so you know.

Before dropping my brother off at home, he opened his gifts: a Flight of the Conchords DVD and Peace Like a River. I know you are absolutely shocked that I gave him that book. No? Well then, you won't be surprised by my Curator article today: "Peace Like a River: Make of It What You Will." I really cannot shut up about how great that book is.

After dinner, Johnny and I headed to a theater to see Watchmen. It had been way too long since we experienced cinema on the big screen. Johnny is a mega fan of that graphic novel and has been waiting for a film adaptation since the 80's. I don't have a good, solid opinion of the movie yet. Visually, it was stunning. The storyline was fascinating and raised some important questions. But the violence is over the top at times and there's a way-too-revealing/laughable sex scene utilizing Leonard Cohen's song, "Hallelujah." No siree - that is not allowed. Seeing as it's one of my all-time favorite songs, I better not think of that stupid scene whenever I hear Cohen from now on. Even so, there were some great things about Watchmen. Maybe I can pull my thoughts together soon. The soundtrack is fantastic, by the way.

....Further on the tea front, any time you place an order with Mighty Leaf, you can select two free tea pouches. Marrakesh Mint + a tea pouch of Rainforest Mate are on the way. Yes, of course I am tea-crazy, but I hopped online this time at a friend's request. She ordered a box, too, and we split the shipping. But I did start a wish list (note the teapot). And I added a 6-pack of Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice tea ($15.71) to my Amazon wish list. Whole Foods never stocks that flavor and I've been pining for the sweet & spicy brew. Whoever sent me that tea bag, it's all your fault, but oh how I thank you.

I am missing my husband, off playing drums in Arizona, but he'll be home tomorrow night. I believe yet more chocolate chip bread, another Tim Keller sermon, Amelie, and reading in bed are in order. If you're a musician's wife, you better know how to entertain yourself.


Eric Peters said...

love your blog. find (and read) some naomi shihab nye. you won't regret it. have you read enger's new book, "so brave, young, and handsome"?

jenni said...

Thank you, Eric. I will definitely pick up Nye's book at the library next time. I did read Enger's new book and loved it! Did you read it?