today is friday

[this was Sunday afternoon (Milo)]

Around 6:30 am, Milo decided it was great fun to knock objects off the breakfast nook table: soup for our Church's food pantry and my brother's birthday gifts - louder than you might think. Johnny was up for an early drum gig. And so, I woke an hour earlier than I planned. But the morning light was really pretty.

I swallowed meds and vitamins. I lit a stick of Japanese incense.

After a week of yerba mate tea, I decided today was meant for coffee. It's a good thing I made extra for Johnny - he said the coffee at his gig wasn't so great.

I placed laundry from last night on our bed (I promise to fold it this afternoon). I tossed towels and bath mats into the washer; poured in blue eucalyptus & lavender soap.

Like Inge, I find that good music makes for lovely chores. Shawn Colvin, U2, and Buddy & Julie Miller are still in rotation. I even dance a little (shhh - don't tell).

Before turning on the computer, I read Genesis 30-31 and chapter 2 of Bringing in the Sheaves. God made me a slow reader and I have to say, I'm seeing more beauty in Genesis at this pace. Why does it take me by surprise to notice that It's written so beautifully? We are talking about God Himself, after all. The Bible is right up there with any of my favorite books. Actually, more so seeing as It is a living text. That stirs up some kind of wonder within me.

I scribbled things into a notebook such as "theological tragicomic thickets" - a phrase from Joy Williams's New York Times review of Brad Gooch's biography, Flannery: a Life of Flannery O'Connor. "She found sickness 'more instructive than a long trip to Europe.'" I find this to be very true, but I still want to go to Europe.

I ate a late breakfast: two cookies, scrambled eggs & Celtic sea salt, raw macadamia nuts.

I answered an inspiring work-related e-mail; crossed that off my to-do list.

I put the towels and mats in the dryer.

OK, so along with my brother's birthday gifts, I also purchased an Amelie DVD for me, but it was 50% off. And the latest Poets & Writers and Texas Monthly. Since I'm a writer, I believe that certain periodical-splurges are necessary and I'm sticking to it.

I caught up on some good blog-reading, and a new edition of The Curator.

There's a stink bug on our back door screen. I know he has a purpose, but I'm steering clear.

I stepped outside to mail a note to a friend, then I kept on going. That sunshine was too pretty to ignore - 78 degrees. While walking, I saw a yellow butterfly or two, then a Monarch close enough to see the intricate black wing-detail. Then a bee, a wasp (yikes); everything abloom. My favorite shade of blue sky. Birds chirping. I had the urge to learn to garden (#14) and get my hands dirty.

Have I mentioned that orange butterflies always remind me of grace? Always.

Back inside, I was thirsty. I decided then and there, instead of grumbling about the sauna that is a Houston summer, I'm going to embrace it this year. Sweat out a ton of toxins - or "glisten", as my Mom says. Drink lots of iced coffee. Make sun tea. Invent creative smoothies. Eat frozen blueberries, things like that.

Harley vomited a hairball on the stairs. Great.

I also decided, I want two rocking chairs on the front porch. Like, really soon. And cross off #32 from my list as well.

Black bean chili for lunch; a Honeycrisp apple the last cookie + a cup of tea for dessert.

I could dust that window sill, but I find the incense ashes to be a poetic reminder of Lent.

It's interesting how the solemnity of Lent coincides with the bright birth of spring.

I wish that I'd purchased this vanilla shea butter lotion at Whole Foods. I'm a vanilla connoisseur, you see. 'Twas a warm vanilla; not too sweet. I suppose I should use the lotion I have on hand first.

However, I did pick up more Sweet Thai Delight tea, and a box of Truvia to try (I liked - very yum).

The Search is my new favorite blog. This Christian hipster entry is both hilarious & thought-worthy.

I really need to devise a better housecleaning schedule. I don't mind a little comfortable mess, but our bathroom is desperate. Geez.

I'm looking forward to a movie date upstairs tonight with my husband: The Fall. And Battlestar.

For now, I must get back to some reading - preparation for interviewing a painter next month. As with every interview, I'm excited to chat with such a talented soul yet also quite nervous. Like Moses, I'm skeptical of my eloquence. Oh, well.

Plus, I currently have both a MacBook and a purring cat (Harley) in my lap - makes it hard to type anyway.


Holly Gil said...

I know you will LOVE "The Fall". It was so beautiful and the little girl was super cute!

nicole said...

winter to spring is death to resurrection.

pretty post, friend. enjoy your weekend! xo

jenni said...

Holy cow, Holly, we LOVED The Fall!

Good point, Nicole. :)

kate o. said...

i love the colors and feel of "amelie."

i think i need to embrace your embracing of hot summers. sun tea, smoothies, and blueberries make it seem almost enjoyable ;)

strangely enough, i keep up with my weekly cleaning routine because i get this cheap thrill out of cleaning a bathroom that doesn't really need it.

i loved your description of "the fall" and hope to see it soon. lee pace is great.

jenni said...

Kate, we'll see how I do with the summer-embracing. I'm determined, though. And at this point, we're telling our friends to just buy The Fall. We shall do so soon.