five senses tuesday

[we need a car wash ASAP...]

-Cows, horses, donkeys, and goats grazing on green countryside, and the beauty that is a Texas sky.
-Field after field of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and yellow primroses.
-The disturbing phrase, "Haulin' Liquid Chicken" on the side of a refrigerated truck.
-An Aggie asleep at Sweet Eugene's in an old leather armchair, study papers stacked on his chest.
-My cute drummer reading a book on a yellow velvet couch.

-An interview with Rev. Vito Aiuto of The Welcome Wagon on Relevant magazine's podcast.
-Impressively bad music playing overhead in Fuddrucker's.
-Birdsong as we walked across the parking lot to the coffee shop.
-Some dude talking on his cell phone for a long time, and loudly, about centrifuge or chemistry or something.
-My interview with Jacob Collins in the earbuds.

-A yummy grilled chicken-bacon-egg-almond-tomato salad.
-Shh... I smuggled in my favorite cookies since I can't eat coffee shop treats.
-But I did purchase two large mugs of Sweet Eugene's dark roast.
-And a cup of chamomile tea to-go.
-Raw cashews, the snack I most often stash in my purse.

-That amazing outdoors scent as we snapped a photo of bluebonnets.
-Fuddrucker's bread - almost too much for me to bear.
-And French fries.
-The unmistakable aroma of a coffee shop.
-A sample of rooibos cinnamon apple, and a refill of rooibos almond in a box by our back door.

-With my hair in a ponytail, my youthful face, and tired eyes, I bet I could pass for a weary collegiate typing away on her laptop.
-Frustrated with the slow wi-fi while proofreading this Friday's Curator articles, I moved to another table to plug in. Then things sped up, hallelujah.
-Johnny and I should have a work-date at a different coffee shop every week. Houston's own Antidote next Tuesday, perhaps?
-I had an epiphany: offer paper to-go cups of coffee or tea to Johnny's drum students! An extra perk for the drive home.
-I'm dreading my jury summons tomorrow.

* - I suppose "Feel" should be textures or something, but don't internal feelings count, too?


Christine said...

That photo is breathtaking, Jenni! Sounds like a lovely daytrip.

allison said...

I can't wait to read that interview!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful photo of the bluebonnets.

Alina said...

I have to pipe in and say the bottom photo is so wonderful. Takes me right there! ...and good job sneaking in the treats to the coffee shop. :-)

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all. :)