another goethe-monday

I set up camp in my writing room today. I need a table of some sort to place by my desk, to spread out papers, notes, and things. I found an old bookshelf in the future baby nursery right across the hall. It's perfect for now: three shelves to help organize my brain.

This is what I call "deadline week" - I have a Curator article due on Friday. Today, I'm skimming articles on Jacob Collins, looking over my interview with the painter, taking notes, and writing an outline. I'll start pulling words outta my head in the morning. Along with preparation, I thought it wise to heed Goethe's inspirational advice once again.

Two little songs: "Guardian" by Sandra McCracken, and "Ellis County" by Buddy & Julie Miller.

A good poem: "Disgraceland" by Mary Karr.

Two fine pictures:

[the April page of Nikki McClure's 2009 wall calendar hanging above my desk]

[Milk Chocolate II by Jacob Collins. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches. 2007.]

A few reasonable words: A few Sundays ago, my pastor said that our most reasonable words are of worship. Knowing my lingo quick to worry, complain, and/or snap, I couldn't agree more. Johnny and I prayed through an Eastertide liturgy including the song of Moses and Psalm 1, for sure better than anything else I might utter today.

If Goethe were alive, I'd also recommend a cup of tea and a walk around his 'hood. Before we walk in just a bit, I'm sipping a yerba mate and rooibos blend with a splash of almond milk. Happy Monday, y'all. It's gonna be a busy, creative week. I just know it.


shari said...

hope your week is a good one jenni!

Christine said...

I agree. Let's make it so!

Alina said...

Love the work by Collins. Just love it.

jenni said...

Thank you, Shari. You, too. :)

Stine, I'm in.

Alina - I know, right?