harmony in the middle east

I had a dream last night that an article of mine published, an interview with a musician friend. Upon reading the final version, to my horror I discovered that all of the facts about my friend were incorrect - his childhood, his career, and so on. I stood there talking to him - smiling on the outside, but panicked on the inside. He hadn't read the interview yet. I was sweating, literally. When I opened my eyes this morning, 'twas sweet relief to realize that that particular article was a figment of my nocturnal imagination. Um, writer's paranoia, anyone??

I do have an article published in The Curator today, but as far as I know, it is factually correct. It's about one of my favorite movies, The Band's Visit. In my marriage, I am typically the one to swoon over independent films, but just as Johnny has introduced me to great comic book adaptations, I have introduced him to artsy, indie films that he actually likes, such as this one. Read my thoughts here, if you will.

Which movies do y'all recommend - indie, foreign, fantastical, or otherwise?

Oh, and I love Alisa's anti-Bruno article in The Curator today (she echoes my sentiments precisely), and her introducing me to the grrreat word that is "revulsed."

Josh's article about the book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is great, too, but I have some mixed feelings. This zombie book sounds hilarious and I plan to read it - I'm a big Jane Austen fan - but as an author, I don't know how I'd feel about someone hacking up (or adding to) my book, even if it is in the name of great satire. Josh's article presents good thoughts on the matter. What do y'all say?


laura said...

if you're having writer nightmares, then it's official ... you're a writer. : ) not that you needed the nightmare for confirmation.

jenni said...

Good to know. :)