on learning to see

[photo by Sam Plant]

Well, hello there. I have a new article up on The Curator today ~ "On Learning to See." Annie Dillard taught me how to see through her classic book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, and I am forever grateful.

Now, don't faint from disbelief . . . I'm working on new blog entry for this space. My tempo has definitely changed, but I'm still a blogger. It's just more like slow food nowadays ~ slow blogging.

Happy weekend.


annelies said...

I like that- slow blogging = slow food. :) Hope all is well with you and am intrigued by a title like "On learning to see"

Robyn Jones Clark said...

looking forward to it!

margie said...

Jenni, very excellent piece. And how delightful to find another fan of Annie. You did well. Hope you are well, or weller.

jenni said...

Margie, thank you so much. I love to find fellow Annie fans as well. I'm struggling again, but all will be well soon enough. I hope YOU are feeling well, or weller. :)

Markos said...

good food is often slow

jenni said...

True dat, Godsonfather.