the bounty of simplicity

I'm still working on that new blog entry for this space. Ahem. I really hope y'all can appreciate slow blogging as much as slow food. I'm a busy bee, as they say.

But I do have an article up on Comment today ~ "The Bounty of Simplicity." (including Johnny's Rockamole recipe . . . )

I'm grateful for this opportunity since I'm a big fan of both the online and print versions of Comment, and also my fellow contributors: Alissa Wilkinson, Andi Ashworth, Charlie Peacock, Denis Haack, Gideon Strauss, J. Mark Bertrand, Makoto Fujimura, Margie Haack, Mary McCleary, and Rebecca Tirrell Talbot - to name only a few. Gulp. Such good company inspires me to improve my writing with every sentence.

Oh, and here's a photo outtake from my article:

Johnny is very proud of his Rockamole recipe, as he should be - it is yum-my. Rock 'n' roll, y'all.


lil said...

Jenni, I LOVED your article, it was wonderful and really inspiring. Thanks for being an example of a "good and faithful servant" to me!

jenni said...

Thank you!

Alina said...

Wow, Jenni. Loved the article...beautifully written! It was also good to read more about your journey to health as I've only gotten bits and pieces through the blog. Blessings to you as you continue to heal.

jenni said...

Thank you so much, Alina. :)

Lauren said...

jenni, i read your article yesterday, and WOW. that is some of the most lyrical and poetic writing you've churned out to date...way to go, my writer friend!!!

jenni said...

Thank you, my writer friend.