just a day.

I know, I know, another vlog. But stay with me! BLOGS. ARE. COMING . . .

just a day. from Jenni Simmons on Vimeo.


Robin said...

Jenni:It's a bit odd how I found you, but it started with a little tweet to Charlie Peacock, who I do not know personally but whose work I've admired over the years. I am a singer/songwriter and a writer in general. I also love animals very much, and God plopped an entire litter of kittens under a tree in my back yard, oh about eight years ago, and they are to this day, my children:graucho,tatum,jeep,anabel,margarita, and katie.I also parent a female pitbull/greyhound mix that I named 'Grace' because I was, and am still convinced that it was the same grace that saved me that spared her from being annihilated on I-75 before she responded to my invitation to safety by jumping into the back seat of my car.

Anyway, Jenni when I clicked on the link to Art House, I was so incredibly delighted by the offerings that honestly I was overwhelmed. So, I just kept going, as if I was in a new neighborhood and seeing the streets for the very first time. You know, that electric feeling of the unknown and imagining all the things that God could be up to...until I clicked my way to you, where I was even more entertained :)

My story is looooong and it would be inappropriate for me to linger here, but I simply wanted to say hello and to express my sheer delight in getting acquainted. Briefly, I am married with three sweet stepdaughter's and a loving husband. Was married for 17 years to a piano player and we enjoyed years of recording and living in Japan, along with a strong local music ministry...the fate of that union still stuns me, and even more,the deep love I experienced after the fact, broken and lying in the arms of the living Christ.

With that said, I genuinely enjoyed the ...oh my gosh I just got it...VLOG! Embarrassing. You're sweet and REAL, and you like wine and beer and are willing to say so...huh! I drink in extreme moderation, but man do I ever dig an attractive red in just the perfect goblet, OR a really cold brew on a hot summer day!

Thanks again for the!
Love the new 'wanna be' kitten. Is she ever a cutie pie :)

Robin Revier

jenni said...

Robin, it's so good to "meet" you! Thanks for saying hi. :)