I'm a bit rusty . . .

Well, first of all, my blog got a facelift, as you can see. Whaddya think? I've been wanting to blog again so badly, and I thought new colors and such would inspire me. They have, but I'm in an intense reading mood right this minute, then I have to shower, get dressed, and visit my brother at work tonight — he manages Baker St. Pub & Grill in Rice Village. I've missed his face. So let's just start with a list, shall we?

[An oldie but a goodie (and slightly funny) pic of me and my Dad at my wedding rehearsal. Photo by YiMay Yang.]

* Today is my Dad's birthday! I called to wish him a happy birthday, and typically, he was in a coach's meeting. Unfortunately, his high school football team lost pretty badly last night. Whenever I get such updates from him, I truly feel like I'm living in Friday Night Lights. My Dad knows the coach that inspired the character "Coach Taylor," by the way.

* These are my current beverage habits:
-Morning: two mugs of French pressed-coffee.
-Afternoon: one mug of chai.
-Evening: 1-3 servings of Grand Marnier straight. It probably should be 1-2 servings.

* I really love handmade, stoneware mugs, such as ones from Eighth Day Books and The Rabbit Room (Uh oh, the latter might be sold out . . . ).

* I'm learning how to juggle being the editor of the Art House America Blog, and meet more than one writing deadline at a time. I'm not doing it all that gracefully yet, but I'll get there. I'm just grateful to be doing what I always wanted to do.
(Shameless plug: Check out our forthcoming Art House America events!)

* I spied a purty red cardinal on our backyard fence today.

* I am so happy that now has an iPhone app that I can't even tell you.

* I have suddenly become a phone person. This is definitely a post-op development. I guess I felt isolated during all of that perplexing illness, so now I crave the human voice. (I Skype now, too.)

* The other night I dreamt that I climbed Mt. Everest in Seattle with The Shins and my grandfather, Papaw. Yes, I realize the geographical error, but it was a dream, folks.

* The progress of Lily Belle, our newest, oldest, sweet deaf cat:
-She and Harley are golden.
-She and Milo are getting there. Or I should say, Milo is getting there. Baby steps, people.
-Also, Lily is acting much more like a healthy cat, hallelujah! She is filling out — much less bony — and walking around and looking out windows much more often. She loves her senior vitamins (with glucosamine), and ahem, people food (we do not feed it to her).

* I am WAY, way behind on work and personal e-mails. I repent. I'm trying to remedy this one day at a time. I used to be a kick-ass e-mailer when I worked at an independent music company. What happened to me?

* I am reading three great books PLUS a review copy of another great book, which I must keep a secret. Y'all hate that I won't tell, I bet. Don't hate, people — love! And I finally ordered this book, which I first heard about when the author spoke on the Mars Hill Audio Journal. Then I gave into peer pressure. Thank you, peers.

* I really want to see Inception, even if just for the visuals.

* Music I am currently digging:
-The Suburbs, Arcade Fire.
-Cee Lo's song, "F**K YOU." I dare you not to dance. The video on his Facebook wall is genius.
-John Lennon's cover of "Stand by Me." (iTunes)
-Mitch McVicker's song, "New Mexico," co-written with Rich Mullins.

* Johnny got an iPad for his birthday (July) from me + friends and family. Did I mention this already? iPads ARE cool after all. Dang.

* I am loving praying from a small green Orthodox Psalter I purchased from Eighth Day Books at The Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, NM in August. I love how at the end of some Psalms it says, "Glory. Both now. Alleluia." Oh, and look for my article about The Glen for The Curator next Friday, 9/10. I needed many, many more words . . .

* It was gray, cloudy, and gloomy just minutes ago, but now the sun is out!

Happy Labor Day weekend, y'all. More blogs are a comin'; they're great writing practice, after all.


Alice said...

What do you interpret "Glory. Both now. Alleluia." to mean?

Also, thanks for the TeuxDuex iPhone app tip - just bought it and had forgotten that's what I wanted back when I tried using the site.

Christine said...

Love the new blog design, very nice! And I do think you've become a phone person! What will the rest of us INFJ's do?! :)

kate o. said...

um...i think teuxdeux might just change my life. looks very cool.

glad you're back in blogland!

jenni said...

Alice: "Glory, both now and forever, Alleluia." We Anglicans say a slightly longer form of this. But the Psalms are the best part. :)

Stine: INFJs can be phone people, too. It's not like I talk on the phone ALL day. ;)

Thanks, Kate!

Laura Dobson said...

Love the new blog design! and loving "hearing" your voice here.
this is my new blog address.

jenni said...

Thanks, Laura!