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Man, I don't ever get tired of this photograph by Sam Plant, do I? I mean, it's even my current Facebook profile pic. It says something about me right now. What? I'm not sure. But it's more than just the fact that I love birds . . .

I'm also sharing the photo again because I published three new articles on the Art House America Blog today: by me, Justin McRoberts, and Charlie Peacock and Emma Sleeth. My Curator reprint article features that beautiful bird photograph, see?

But I'll tell you a little secret: For the first time — next Thursday (9/30) — I will publish a new article to tide you over in between our biweekly issues. I hope y'all enjoy it; it's about one of my favorite bands.

And oh, abundant joy, I hired my first editorial intern! She is Barbara Lane, a good friend I first met on Facebook, then at The Glen Workshop in August. We talked on Skype today, she agreed to be my intern much to my astonishment, and now I might have a chance to keep my sanity as I juggle running and editing a web site, and writing (and editing) for more than one publication.

In addition, I'd be sorely remiss if I didn't mention another good friend I met at the Glen (it really does happen): Jennifer Strange, who has brilliantly proofread recent Art House Blog articles. Any editor always needs extra sets of eyes, so I'm grateful for these amazing women — talented writers in their own right — who are willing to help the likes of me. Did I mention I'm most likely hiring a second editorial intern tomorrow, too? I am blessed, I tell you.

I proofread articles today, too — for The Curator, that is — and I have a gazillion e-mails to answer. But most prominently, I must finish a review copy of A.S. Peterson's forthcoming novel, Fiddler's Green, like the wind that billows the sails of Fin Button's ship. My life is so hard, I know. Y'all are in for a real treat in December. And if you haven't read the wonderful Fiddler's Gun, you better read that first. You won't be sorry; it's one of my favorite books.

In other news, you may or may not have noticed my new tabs up there. First Coffee is a very silly podcast that Johnny and I record together while we drink our first cup of coffee in the morning. Ever wonder what our marriage dynamic is like? (I'm SURE you do.) Well then, there you go. In my opinion, our most current episode is the best so far.

Well, I better g-o. My Rabbit Room "Hannah" mug is full of smoky Morning Thunder tea ready for the drinking, to complement the reading.

Words, words, words. They're all around me and part of all my work. I couldn't be happier. Somehow, they are tiring, though, so I'm looking forward to our medical drama stories on TV tonight, homemade pizza, white wine, and sleep. I'm trying to get more sleep and train myself to be a morning person. I'll letcha know how it goes.

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