her voice, her guitar

[photo by Cody Bess]

I've realized lately that I cannot manage my time very well. I used to, but I'm busier now which I must say is a very good thing. I love being an editor, and I love writing and meeting deadlines. Yet slowly but surely, I've become stressed to the max. It hasn't been pretty.

So I've decided that I need to seriously chill. I am a human being for God's sake (literally), and so there's an obvious learning curve in any new situation. I'll learn; I'll get it. And yes, I'll even blog here despite the odds and some opinions. Watch me — I'm a coach's kid, you know.

. . . I want to share my newest article — "Her Voice, Her Guitar" — about Danielle Young, Caedmon's Call, and their latest record, Raising Up the Dead (you need it, trust me). And be sure to check out the other new articles on the main page of the Art House America Blog, too. They're real good.

More soon, Lord willing. Thanks for sticking around. You'll have to pry this blog from my cold, dead fingers before I give up personal blogging. How's that for an image?

A good evening to y'all.

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Robyn Jones Clark said...

keep at it, girl :) you can do it. i'll always be a reader! :)