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I wasn't lying about writing more blog entries — they are a-comin' — but I just want to point y'all to some beauty and phenomenal writing over on the Art House America Blog today: articles by Charlie Peacock, Kierstin Casella, and Andi Ashworth. Andi's article even features a printable pdf recipe card for “Pasta Shells with Bacon, Peas, and Ricotta." Y-U-M.

[photo by Kierstin Casella]

Angel hair pasta is currently boiling on the stove for lunch, then I must get ready for the Randall Goodgame concert tonight! If you're in Houston, you should totally join us:

Church of the Holy Trinity
211 Byrne St.
Houston, TX 77009
7:30 pm, $10 at the door.
Antidote's coffee beforehand . . .

See y'all there!

[Randall Goodgame, writer of GREAT songs]

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