20 things I love

My bed at The Glen Workshop in South Hadley, MA, 2012.

Okay, so this is another list, but I'm trying to make good on some promises I made to friends. Today I'm sharing a list of 20 things I love for Laura Lynn Brown, in response to her post on the Makes You Mom blog which she also edits.

This list could easily change each day — heck, by the hour — but for today, right now, here's what comes to mind pertaining to the rules that Laura quoted her friend Rebecca to say, "Not family, friends, or Jesus. We know that."

1. Twinkle lights — anywhere, anytime.

2. Many shades of blue, my favorite colors.

3. Sunshine.

4. Dark roast coffee.

5. A glass of wine at the end of a long day.

6. Used bookstores.

7. Making my husband laugh, much to my surprise. He is much funnier than I am.

8. Reading in bed.

9. Birdsong.

10. The smell of gardenias. And honeysuckle.

11. Granny Smith apples.

12. Ethiopian food, especially red lentils (yemissir wot) & injera bread, and honey wine (tej).

13. Burning soft Japanese incense in the morning.

14. Lip sync battles on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. My favorite one to date is Emma Stone's win.

15. French macarons — pistachio is my favorite flavor.

16. Walking (or driving) while listening to a good podcast. Fresh Air with Terry Gross is my all-time favorite, though I love many others.

17. A really good mail day — letters from friends, paychecks, Books & Culture, Image Journal, etc.

18. My necklace with an American Goldfinch pendant.

19. Walking to the lake in my parents' neighborhood in The Colony, TX.

20. Sightings of Great Egrets in the sky.

Care to share your current top 20 in the comments or on your blog? I'd love to read your lists.


Laura said...

Kaboom Books.
That coffee place.
When your cat let me touch his belly.
Patio liturgy.
The Menil.
Worshiping near St. Catherine.
Patio liturgy again.
Laughing hard at your hilarious husband.
Lifetime supplies of tea.
Baking bread together.
Knowing some of it went to a special use.
The Greek place.
Neighborhood walks in the evening.
Teasing you.
Epic phone conversations.
And many other things besides.

Callie Feyen said...

I love dark roast coffee, too. And used bookstores. There was one in South Bend where I lived a while ago, called Erasmus books. I can still smell it. I bought Sylvia Plath's Unabridged Journal there. And My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok.

I love twinkle lights and a glass (or, ehem, two) of wine at the end of a long day. Today is a long day and I'm looking forward to sitting next to twinkle lights tonight.

jenni said...

Laura: Please come back and visit us!

Callie: I should have been more accurate and said 2 glasses of wine. And maybe a little whiskey sometimes. ;)