editing suburbia

Photograph by Dave Allen

I have a new essay on The Curator — "Editing Suburbia." I recently read a tweet by Ethan McCarthy which said, "Good writers thank their editors." In the hopes of being a good writer, I'm truly grateful for my editors for this essay: Curator Editor-in-Chief Adam Joyce and Assistant Editor Laura Lynn Brown. When I first turned in my essay, they both encouraged me to dig deeper in my thoughts about faithful omission and what exactly I wanted to say at various points in the piece. They asked more of me than other editors have in the past, but I'm thankful because their editorial direction taught me a lot more about the writing process and how to write well. Thanks again, Adam and Laura.

Now I'm working on an essay for the Art House America Blog. As the Editor of that website, I don't write for it very often, so I'm really honored to do so. And with that, it's time to get back to the writing. It's not easy, but it's good, good work.


sondienwilliamson said...

Nice to see you post again. I read your article at Curator yesterday! I originally read your article about turning 40 on the Curator website and loved it. I completely identified with you on that one. I enjoy your writing.

jenni said...

Thank you!