As Stephen, Star (with child!), Aric, Johnny, and I traveled in the big, red van to College Station yesterday, I marveled once again at the beauty of Texas. The lush, green countryside and the trees took my breath away. I could effortlessly live in the country as long as we were within reasonable driving distance from a city; Houston or Austin, preferably. We could have a simple house with a writing room/library, a porch swing, an organic garden of vegetables and fruit, another small garden of lavender, a hammock, and a drum studio out back for Johnny. Texas is home, and there is no place like home. The bluebonnets were not as bountiful compared to a few weeks ago, Johnny said, but we did spot a few patches of blue, and the orange paintbrushes made up for the bluebonnets' loss.

Our reason for a road trip was Breakaway Bible study, a massive weekly happening for college students. Johnny and I hope that (the future) Genevieve and Calvin Simmons will want to be gig 'em Aggies so that they will be a part of Breakaway. Towards the end of last night, Gregg Matte (the speaker) asked everyone to pray in small groups. Since Johnny and the band were on stage, I was sitting alone. I bowed my head to pray and the next thing I knew, I felt a slap on my back. I looked up and two young guys asked me to join their prayer group. They were extremely kind, and probably trying to extend courtesy to a young lady. And if they think my 29 year old self is in college, that is more than fine by me. I guess the Kiss My Face Eyewitness cream and Origins Night-a-Mins facial cream I use are working!

Correction: we did not visit The Coffee Station in Aggieland. We stopped by Sweet Eugene's (House of Java) not once, but twice. On the way to Reed Arena I ordered a small Snickers latte which was slightly too sweet, but still grrreat coffee. On the way home at midnight, I ordered an iced capuccino and a sausage & cheese kolache. Sweet Eugene's has the perfect coffeehouse atmosphere with old furniture, old books lining the shelves, a graffiti-covered fridge, homemade paintings, and stressed, studying kids.

Johnny and I arrived home at 2:00 AM. We slept quite well, even after all the caffeine.

The end.

{Breakfast today: Sweet potato pancakes and strong coffee.}

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