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Glory hallelujah, my last day working at the bookstore was Saturday. It was a good run and blessed provision but I thank God for allowing me to exit and begin my new career: Housewife Writer. This may sound boring as hell but it's what Johnny and I prayed for feverishly and we are thankful. I have a quite annoying desire to write - when I feel confident, when I'm afraid, when I am lazy, when I'm productive, and always. There have been times when I thought myself a foolish no-talent and gave up. Then a great idea would burst into cognition or I'd read a damn good book such as Gilead by Marilynne Robinson and think, I HAVE TO WRITE. Even if I suck, I must write. I do believe God created me a writer. I don't know why but He did. I've dabbled in writing all my life, timidly, and during various employment. Could I write while working at the bookstore? Of course - many a gifted writer hold other jobs and I admire them as much as Mother Teresa. (one of my heroes) But for some reason the bookstore drained me heart and soul. And now we we have the opportunity for me to be a full-time Housewife Writer and I thank God every morning I wake without the cacophonous alarm clock. We will celebrate on Friday at The Blue Nile!

This week has been a slow start in defining my new schedule. Last weekend I ate a deceptively innocent chicken pot pie which made me ill and yesterday I woke up with odd sneezing-induced back spasms. Today seems less dangerous so inside my Van Gogh Branch of an Almond Tree in Blossom journal I've made a list of plans and projects for my newfound career:

1. Read the Lectionary Bible readings each morning and evening.
2. Write every day.
3. Find freelance writing jobs.
4. Clean our home/do laundry when needed vs. when it finally grosses me out or piles up in our closet.
5. Help Johnny with his drum career.
6. Volunteer at the Nursing Home near our Church.
7. Interview Kemper.
8. Take guitar lessons.
9. Clean out our closets. Heck, clean out our home.
10. Continue to read like a fiend.
11. Help my friend Amy B. as she raises three kiddos.
12. Stand and Pray at a local abortion clinic with our Church once a month.
13. Expand my cooking repertoire.
14. Work out at the gym, do Yoga, and/or Pilates 4-5 times a week.
15. Travel with Johnny more often as he plays on the road.
16. Conquer a fear and take part in the Writers in Residence program.
17. Visit our local art museums regularly.
18. Write in various coffee shops just because I can.

And within my prayers I ask of other ideas such as volunteering for The Houston Coalition For Life, The Pregnancy Help Center, or the M.D. Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital. We shall see. When I left the bookstore my assistant manager asked, "Won't you get bored?" Internally I laughed. I am not easily bored. For one thing, I could sit on this couch, read, surf blogs, type, watch mindless/worthwhile TV, and movies all day. On the other hand I have a strong aversion to myself as a couch potato or becoming completely self-centered. Lord, help me.


Grits said...

Stumbled upon your blog. I'm very much in the same place with my writing as you seem to be. I currently work at a teen boys' boarding school, and I cannot wait until the opportunity arises for me to just be able to write. It's been awhile since I've given God credit for that gift (thanks for reminding me), and I should draw from that to gain strength and focus to write that novel I've been thinking about forever. I'm glad that someone else out there has the same struggle. I just moved to New York from Georgia, thinking NY would give me the surroundings I needed to get focused on my writing. The south always seemed stifling to me, but maybe it's my own procrastination that stifles. Great to see your blog. I've just started one... a first step. I'll check back.

Christine said...


I'm so excited for you! I think your career as a Housewife Writer is off to a great start! I know you've had your moments thinking you're a no-talent, but I know that's not true, and I know everything :)

Your friend,

Lauren said...

Jenni Dear, I am so thrilled for you...and as one Housewife-Stay-at-Home-Mama-Writer, I would urge you to make yourself a structured writing schedule that you hold to like a life presever in a swallowing, stormy sea. Because this: "For one thing, I could sit on this couch, read, surf blogs, type, watch mindless/worthwhile TV, and movies all day. " is a very real obstacle/potential pitfall of being at home, that will devour you quickly, unless you are quick and determined in your efforts to foil it. Hugs and blessings as you explore this new avenue in your journey. Lauren

Jenni said...

Thanks, Lauren. I have read many writers recommend a regular writing schedule and now you have, also. I will do it!