Smart back

Many of you have kindly asked, "How is your back?" I'm happy to report there has been noticeable progress. I used a Pilates tape + light weights and gentle push-ups against a wall this week which has been very beneficial. Pilates is deceptive; it looks graceful and fluid, which it is, but it is also a verifiable workout. Earlier this week, I could only do the 15 minute warm-up, but as of today I did the whole tape minus a few minutes when I not only laughed out loud at the thought of one more exercise, but also felt like my back had enough for one day. Also, I've been able to revisit the gym and the recumbent bike. And even better, the time flew by today instead of dragging on into infinity. This was due to my trusty iPod - Iron and Wine & Calexico, Arcade Fire, Imogen Heap, Spoon, The Pernice Brothers, and Feist made for good company and sweat. Of course, I sit here at 7:00 pm pining for our bed, so very sleepy because I am so very out of shape, but not for long.

And, if my back problems are a true catalyst for regular exercise, I have to hand it to God who knows my lazy ways. In fact, I repent of all rantings about MY DUMB BACK. Mainly because I read this exhortation by Doug Wilson to his Church. "Thank God for your fingernails." Duly noted. Instead of whining, I should thank God for a smart back, if you will. A strong back. No need for the physical therapist - Pilates tapes stored in our entertainment center - The Original Bed Buddy - ice in the freezer - a husband who willingly and tirelessly rubs out the knots in my back & neck, and lets me use his Tempurpedic pillow at night. Tylenol. Aleve. Biofreeze. Edible protein to rebuild muscle damage - salmon, chicken, veggie burgers, organic cheese, milk, and cottage cheese. And Psalm 65 which I will mention often; I read it again this morning. "You make the outgoings of the morning and evening rejoice." As the sun sinks outside, I'm watching it now, out it goes - a sunset accompanied by an orchestra of birds - I rejoice right along, sipping black tea, and giving thanks for my fearfully and wonderfully made back.

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