I stole a meme idea from Random Musings because none of my friends tag me for such useless games. I started reading Random Musings because he kindly commented on my Sigur Ros concert review, and he seems to be a true music lover. I'm supposed to tag 6 people for the following meme, but none of my friends ever respond to my tag-you're-it, so I will pass (I still love you guys & gals). Here are 6 weird things about me:

1. You would think the first beverage I drink every morning is coffee, but it is actually water.
2. I am a card-carrying member of the Anal-Retentive Party*, but my anality is complex. It's not really about right angles and parallel lines, it's more about visual reminders and object placement. Example: my mini-tape recorder is sitting on the coffee table in front of me as a reminder to transcribe Kemper's interview. Is it on my desk where I will be transcribing? No - it is on the table in my direct line of vision.
3. We hang our bathroom towels on 2 hooks right next to each other. I'm disturbed when Johnny's towel overlaps mine.
4. I often buy groceries right before we run out; hence why we have one 3/4 empty can of French Market Coffee, and another completely full can in our freezer.
5. I pray in the shower.
6. I know this borders on OCD: I constantly arrange labels facing out, where I can read them - in the fridge, in the medicine cabinet, in the pantry, on our bathroom counter, etc.

*Johnny wrote a lovely Anality song which he sings to me each time I do something anal-retentive.


March to the Sea said... blog goes global! Thanks for stopping over again. Can I add you as a link off my page?

Jenni said...

Yes, please!

March to the Sea said...

coolio..doing so now.