Five Senses Friday

What a lovely ritual from the resurrected Little Birds! I decided to join in, and hope you readers will do likewise:

Johnny's drill team-esque dance to Glenn Beck's theme song; hysterical.
Sunlight dancing on our neighbor's walls.
A turquoise glass bottle (hiding a tealight) hanging in the window.
Glowing gold leaf on our Nativity icon.
While unloading groceries from my car, I caught an owl flying slowly and gracefully over the field behind our parking lot. He looked at me with dignity and flew right on by.

Nutmeg in Guayaki Mate Chocolatte, this morning's pick-me-up.
Tulasi cinnamon incense.
Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Calendula Deodorant Roll-On when I don't fear much sweat; smells nice and clean.
Frankincense & Myrrh Eau de Zum perfume.
Kiss My Face Vanilla Earth Moisture Shave.

Oatmeal with a generous amount of honey, unsweetened Silk soy milk, and sliced banana.
The Apothecary's Garden chamomile medicinal candy.
Jason PowerSmile Plus CoQ10 whitening toothpaste gel - very pepperminty.
Back to Nature macaroni and organic cheese.
Sweet potatoes with Brummel & Brown and cinnamon.

Our melodic back porch windchime.
Harley Cat's morning purr as I placed him on my tummy.
Rabbit Fur Coat CD by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.
Airplane soaring overhead.
Tea kettle whistling.

Slick, glossy cover of the new Image journal which arrived yesterday.
Cool, smooth, thin, well-read pages of the New Geneva Study Bible I've had since 1998.
Soft, comforting cream-colored throw given to us by my Mom's friend, Sandy.
Hugs from Johnny.
Sticky Pilates mat as I stretched this morning.


March to the Sea said...

hmmm i'll have to look this over and tag some other folks..

Jenni said...

FYI, the Tom's deodorant burned my pits. It may not burn yours, but it might. Test it on your forearm first. I went back to Lafe's roll-on.