Johnny is at rehearsal. Harley is stretched out in blissful sleep. I'm sitting at my desk. The sun is falling from the sky. The mini-blinds are rocking back and forth like a swing. The sink is full of neglected dishes. The bathroom is grimy needing a scrub. I'm munching on spinach-curry crackers, thinking. God's faithfulness despite a tight budget this week. Hearing from a good friend today, my fear that we'd lost touch, gone.

Immaturity. Running late (again) to Church and missing an important baptism. Whisking in the door, the majestic scent of incense, and only half a phenomenal sermon on the Transfiguration. Hanging my head in shame - why did I run late? Do I have ADHD, too? Just in time for the Confession, remembering another, "what we have done and what we have left undone." And Communion - staring at the Cross, blood-wine on my lips, grateful. Wishing I had been punctual in order to visit Billie at the nursing home prior to Church. She loves Psalm 91 and the prayer For a Sick Person. Every time, never to fail she says, "That is why I do not fear anything. Nothing." Forget trying to encourage her - she exhorts me. Such strength and wisdom in her bones conquer weak ole lupus.

A variety of writing topics on my to-blog list, but God seems to be speaking, His mouth full of dusk, "Be still." Pray. I told Johnny after waking from sleep too late, I have much to do today; I fear incompletion. And he said, "Do the rest tomorrow." A white feather just floated past the window, long and slow. The dishes will be tended to, and Many Dimensions will be read. Tomorrow will be more productive, I think. I hope. Lord willing, and be praised tonight.


Christine said...

Jenni, I love the tone of this post. It seems like my days are a lot like this lately, and it's so easy to get stressed with everything there is to do. We need to stop and be still and let God speak. Thank you for the reminder.

kierstin said...

Lovely thoughts.
And is that To-Blog list possibly written on a Post-It?
I am merely guessing....