Five Senses Friday, Day 18

1. One of my birthday gifts to Johnny - Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Even funnier was watching Johnny crack up.
2. A steal at not only the homeopathic medicine we needed, but Bi-O-Kleen automatic dish powder was 25% off and I added Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub in order to get free shipping. We needed all of those items anyway!
3. Johnny and Harley Cat playing "Chase" around the apartment.
4. Mel Gibson's repentant apology. That's what the Passion of the Christ is for - all of our stupid mistakes.
5. Our cozy apartment - today is cleaning day.

1. Fresh garlic.
2. Cinnamon Uni-Fresh sprayed 'round the house.
3. A neighbor BBQ-ing on their porch.
4. Grapefruit Dishmate.
5. Organic cinnamon from the co-op. I kept the scented pouch in my purse while driving home, and my purse and its contents still smell of aromatic cinnamon.

1. A massive co-op grapefruit split between me and Johnny. We agreed it was the best grapefruit ever.
2. Amy's Kitchen roasted vegetable pizza - such a good staple to keep in the freezer for those lazy nights when I don't feel like cooking.
3. Garden of Life Super Seed whole food bar. It is my favorite flavor so far (apple cinnamon), but all of Garden of Life's whole food bars are wonderful: live probiotics, sweetened with raw honey, and the like.
4. Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. It not only has Thieves oil, but also Xylitol to ease cavity fears.
5. Jenni's Healthy Cinnamon Toast: a slice of your favorite Ezekiel 4:9 bread (I suggest sesame or cinnamon raisin) topped with Nutiva coconut oil and that organic cinnamon. Surprisingly yummy, and I learned that Dr. Mary Enig (contributor to Nourishing Traditions) recommends the average adult eat 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil per day (I eat about 2.5 right now). It is good for metabolism, yeast overgrowth, thyroid balance, energy, and much more.

1. Comforting thunder.
2. Johnny teaching on New Testament prophecy at Church.
3. A neighbor left their TV on all night long.
4. Our friend David Ohlerking's (The Awful Truth) version of "I Surrender All." It chokes me up every time. I'm actually able to sing harmony to this hymn which reminds me of Mom's natural ability to sing beautiful harmony to any song. During my last visit, Dad fell in love with the new hymn "How Deep the Father's Love" that the Smith Band sang in Church. The minute we got home, Dad Googled the song, learned the guitar part, and I walked into the study to hear him playing guitar and Mom sweetly singing harmony. I can remember them doing this all my life.
5. The kitchen sink dripping, one of my pet peeves!

1. A much-needed haircut since my hair was beginning to resemble Crystal Gayle's. We drove to our friend Charli's brand new salon, Salon Di Bellezza, and she fixed me up with a nice trim. Charli also did my wedding 'do (I was mid-laugh in the first picture, and in the second is our beloved family friend, Hannah - my late Nina's best friend).
2. Squeezing grapefruit juice into a spoon.
3. Good, old-fashioned, quart-sized Mason jars.
4. Soaking a serving of Bob's Red Mill extra thick rolled oats overnight for breakfast the next day. Why? Read pages 452-454 of Nourishing Traditions!
5. Making Kefir is easy. This link was helpful - use a coffee filter and rubber band to prevent glass explosions; and this link was also helpful - no rinsing my Kefir grains since we don't have a water filtration system yet.

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