Another Glimpse

Now West Elm is wonderful, but I also want to incorporate as many eco-friendly and fair trade products as possible into our home, and more so as we are able. Here are a few items I plan to purchase from Ten Thousand Villages. We are fortunate enough to have a store in Houston, and I know they have a much bigger selection than even the web site, so I'm excited.

First of all, I am for sure ordering a set of these beautiful mugs and plates made in Vietnam:

A bamboo serving bowl also made in Vietnam:

This tablecloth (India) is perfect for company in the dining room:

A possible laundry hamper (Bangladesh) for our master bedroom/bath closet:

A storage basket (Bangladesh), most likely for my overflowing magazines:

That last basket is similar to one I purchased at Target, but I would prefer to support fair trade. However, I did stop by Target today wanting a decent, larger purse. Other than various tote bags, I only have one small purse after preparing Goodwill bags a few months ago. It is nifty, but small. I could not find a purse today, but I did find a Michael Graves bamboo spatula, a matching large bamboo spoon, and two bamboo bowls to try before buying a whole set.

[Photos courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages' site]

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