A Glimpse

Earlier this afternoon I unlocked our house for the floor guys. I got there a few minutes early to look at the paint colors and I grinned like a silly kid. Hideous wallpaper is gone! The colors are perfect. Johnny took "before" pictures and once the bamboo floors are in, we will take "after" pictures. I will share them in good time. For now, many of you have asked what our decor will look like. The best description I can give is "eclectic," but I can show you the items we plan to order from West Elm next week...

I fell in love with this lamp in the store last week - it will go in the dining room:

This is our bed except we will have the chocolate brown color. We will also have those low bedside tables in chocolate brown, too:

These bamboo pieces will go in our master bathroom:

Of course I love this rug. I'm not exactly sure where it will go, but probably in the living room:

I don't know where one of these will go, either, but it feels like a necessity:

West Elm says these should hang outside, but we say one should hang inside. I like the ones on the left and right:

I am keeping my simple IKEA desk - I rather like it - but I need a new desk chair. Since we can't afford an Eames chair right now, this one will do just fine (we like the rug, too, but are undecided):

This is our breakfast nook table, but those are not our kitchen colors at all:

I think Johnny and I are probably the only two people on the face of the Earth who like this light fixture, but it is our house, and we want 1-3 hanging above the breakfast nook table:

If not those, then this pendant lamp:

These window shades (or similar, cheaper ones) will go in the laundry room and probably elsewhere in the house:

We are thinking about this motif in the bedroom, too, along with large, sphere-shaped rice paper lamps:

We won't get every single item from West Elm, but we love their peaceful simplicity and design. We've been drooling over the mail order catalogs for a few years. We will buy our sofas and chairs for the living room and upstairs media room from West Elm as well. Rest assured, we have been testing our butts on each set in the store to make sure they are very comfortable for company. I was looking around our apartment realizing that many items we already own - lamps, antiques, and such - will go very well with the West Elm pieces. I haven't even begun to envision the guest bedrooms, but I will, and if one of you pays a visit soon, I will envision quicker!

[Photos courtesy of West Elm's site]

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