Johnny Pronounces it "Ka-Boo-Chee"

My post for the week is up at The Sustainable Scoop. I wrote about one of my favorite beverages, GT's Kombucha. I think this is the more appropriate venue to say how funny it is to watch Johnny try to drink a sip. FYI, I only asked him to try it once, a long time ago, but now he insists on taking a swig every time I try a new flavor even though I warn him, "You are not going to like it!" His face contorts to the famous Mr. Yuk face and makes me laugh. I cannot feel too sorry for him because he already knows he hates Kombucha. Perhaps if G.T. made a flavor from the kola nut, Johnny might enjoy a bottle. For now, his preferred healthy alternative is bottles of Empower Mint yerba maté. He still adores Diet Coke w/Lime, but for every bottle of maté he drinks, I am thrilled. Yes, I really do enjoy drinking Kombucha. And when I've shopped at Whole Foods lately, I have seen at least one person drinking a bottle to-go. So it's not just me.

While you are over at The Sustainable Scoop, read Kerry's post on the Pangea Organics sale this month, if you live in certain locations. I even found a great sale at our local Whole Foods; I snatched the French Rosemary with Sweet Orange facial toner and now I see why Kerry raves about this company. It does not stop with rosemary or sweet orange - it also contains lavender, frankincense, calendula, rosehip, and more. I love frankincense. I spritz the toner all over my face and neck after washing, and first thing in the morning - I'll do anything to aid the waking-up process. This toner is excellent for dry and sensitive skin which describes mine to a tee. And this is one of those products that is worth every single penny, of which there are many. I can't wait to try Pangea's other products.

While we are discussing all that is natural and earthy, please don't worry about me - I remain passionate about coffee - but I cannot quit making a French press full of Java Maté Dark Roast each morning and evening. Yesterday I ordered one pound of Vanilla Nut trying to prevent a gap between finishing the Dark Roast and receiving a new batch of maté. I might be addicted, but with all of the health benefits, I do not care (there are no jitters, either).

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