I do declare, the trademark of this blog is contentment with imperfect photographs. Y'all know how much I anticipate turning a new calendar page, don't you? This morning I flipped my Lotta Jansdotter calendar in the kitchen, and I've been admiring the chocolate brown November/December page ever since. I snapped a few wretched photos and that was the best one. And I won't lose sleep over it tonight.

I purchased one of Nikki McClure's 2008 calendars early (for my writing room). Here are the others on my shopping/wish lists this month:
-Camilla Engman's wall calendar [ordered!], for the guest bedroom.
-port2port's letterpressed wall calendar [ordered!], for our bedroom.
-Lotta's 2008 fabric calendar (in white) [ordered!], for the kitchen.
-A Moleskine daily planner, with a whole page for each day.
-I fancy Good on Paper's wall calendar, too, but I'm not sure it is a necessity because I cannot decide where it should hang. Surely I can find a wall in this house. I do love calendars! A simply beautiful way to display art.

Now I'm off to follow doctor's orders and take an Aveeno oatmeal bath for a minor rash. I'm supposed to soak in the tub for thirty minutes, three times a day if possible. Last night I bathed by candlelight. I'm not saying I want a rash, but mandatory baths are fine by me.

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