charley harper's bird

The main reason I was surprised to see my inspiration wire on decor8 yesterday was that I have very limited photographic skills. So, thank you again, Holly. I looked and looked at that wire last night - the left side was not as it should be. We checked the mail rather late yesterday and holy cow, my friend Allison's belated birthday gift rules! She sent me a thick stack of cards, featuring birds, of course, since she and I both love avian creatures. You should have seen my face as I looked at each card. "Good on Paper! Look at this one, Johnny! Wow! How pretty. An owl! Wow. Cavallini & Co.! Charley Harper!! Man. Lovely."
[sending a thank you note tomorrow]

One of those Charley Harper cards seemed perfect for the left side of my wire. I'll try to be selfless and send the other cards to friends & family, but it will be difficult. Harper's art is lovely as is the rest of Allison's birthday collection.

And now, for the imperfect photos of my completed wire... Johnny says my next photography goal should be to play with the shutter speed and light. I'll get on that. In my defense, though, the light in my office didn't help matters today. If you click the following pics, it helps a teensy bit.

In that last photo, the framed picture is my Dad playing guitar - one of my favorite sights. Please note the Johnny Cash box set to the right. I still miss that man. I promise the next inspiration wire photos will be images of Advent & winter, and hopefully with better light.

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