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I've never posted a poll on my blog before, and I don't particularly care for how my poll looks (on the right). I think it's an eyesore, but I need your help! Back in September, I confidently crossed a few periodicals off my subscription list. I decided to keep Paste. Even if I fall behind reading each month, I'll have sampler CDs for the listening, and it was only $9.95.

But I'm wavering on the magazines listed in my poll. For instance, while bathing & reading the November/December 2007 American Poetry Review, I was so enthralled with page 33 that I accidentally dunked the bottom edge of the journal in my oatmeal-bath water. Here's one paragraph by Silvia Curbelo that so distracted me:

"The road is the ideal place for examination and reflection, two of the poem's great allies. Traveling, we inhabit new if temporary versions of ourselves.
In the artificial weather of a hotel room, watching steam rise from an overpriced cup of room service coffee, we feel suddenly entitled.
In airplanes we become the captive audience of our own imagination, fueled by bags of peanuts and tiny bottles of cheap booze.
Lulled by the rhythm of a moving train, we are larger than life, spilling over. In that strange, hypnotic atmosphere, writing the interminable epic seems not only plausible, but desirable, even likely. With a little luck, by the time the train reaches its destination in Florence or Madrid, we'll have set aside all delusions of grandeur in favor of the next four-course meal washed down by God's own red table wine

Which reminds me:
-Johnny and I need to reserve our Hotel San José room this month (it's a popular place), for January 2008 - our 5 year wedding anniversary!
-After seeing The Darjeeling Limited, we want to visit India more than ever, and I'm dying to travel by train.

Won't you help a girl out? Which subscriptions do you think are keepers? I intended for you to be able to vote for more than one periodical, but I goofed. I can't edit the poll now that some folks have voted. If you think I should keep more than one of the magazines listed, please vote via my poll, then leave a comment with your additional votes. Thanks!

...I still want a ladder rack, or a cheaper dark brown ladder, for magazine control.

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