5 + 5

Kate Ortiz (one of my new favorite bloggers) tagged me. I don't think I've participated in this tag before, so I will play along.

5 weird/random facts about myself:
[SO many to choose from; sorry if these are repeats]

1. I feel as if I need to explain once again that I detest maraschino cherries. Hate. Loathe. Despise. I make an icky face when they come up in conversation. And yet, I love real, fresh cherries.
2. One of Johnny's favorites: I prefer that labels face outward in the pantry, fridge, on the bathroom counter, on our shower caddy, etc.. Prefer is actually too gentle of a word. Labels must face outward for my sanity.
3. There is not a scented lip balm, candle, or body lotion that I will not try. long as they contain non-toxic and natural ingredients. I only burn beeswax and soy candles, FYI.
And, I'll try a new hot tea any day (preferably organic).
4. All the while I've been obeying my doctor and eating yeast-free, the sweet I miss the most is honey. Local, raw honey to be exact. I'm planning a honey-eating party - the date T.B.A. when I'm healed. I envision a toasted slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread slathered with honey, followed by one glass of honey wine.
5. I can make scrambled eggs, but not very well. However, when Johnny whips 'em up, they taste like Martha Stewart's. So, whenever I crave scrambled eggs for breakfast, I bat my eyelashes at Johnny.

[a current snapshot ~ part of my tea collection in the pantry. Notice the labels. And my apologies, but our pantry has wretched light.]

5 places I'd like to see/see again:

1. Marfa, TX. I keep hearing this place is magical.
2. Our forthcoming road trip:
-Pagosa Springs/Durango, CO.
-Taos, NM.
-Payson, UT.
-Sedona, AZ.
-Mesa, AZ.
The Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah locations are some of Johnny's favorites in America. He made that drive many a time with his Dad (who was from UT).
I adore Colorado - many childhood memories...
Johnny's Mom lives in AZ...
Let's go!
3. I'm dying to visit Italy.
4. I'm also dying to Iceland, especially after watching Sigur Rós' Heima (a beautiful video link).
5. Nashville, TN. My friend just moved into a new house, her son recently celebrated his first birthday, and it's been too long since I've seen that friend, and another friend. I wanna hike around Radnor Lake again, too.

As for tagging, I love my friends, but they don't usually cooperate with this kind of game. I would tag Nicole, but flickr is not really the proper venue for tagging.

If you want to share 5 + 5 facts about yourself, go right ahead and let me know.


Abbey said...

I am SO with you on the labels facing forward. If I had more room in my cabinets, I would have ALL of my labels facing forward!!

I'll have to think about the 5 things blog and post sometime this week...keep an eye out! : )

Kimberly said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has to have labels facing out! Gregg thinks I'm crazy because of the label thing and b/c I have to have boxes lined up according to size. Who knew that certain neurosis' (sp?) were funny?

We LOVE Colorado and hope to go there this summer! We drove through N.M. on one trip and it was beautiful. I'm dying to go there.

jenni said...

See, Johnny!!

BiffyBeans said...

Gordon Ramsey teaches how to make scrambled eggs on You Tube:

jenni said...

Good call, Biffy. Thanks!

nicole said...

oh, rats! I just now saw that I was tagged. sorry, sweets. Five things? 2.should 3.come 4.and 5.visit

jenni said...

I'd love to visit!