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I thought I was done blogging for the weekend, but not quite. We woke up too late again (ah, pre-kid life), and instead of discussing films as we procrastinated waking, we chatted about the mourning doves that roost in the pine tree right outside our bedroom window. Their melancholy song is music to my ears since I love birds. A lot. Johnny loves a good, sad song, too (and birds), but these doves often start singing early - like 5:00 am - and they somehow wake Johnny, a hard-sleeper. Our chat turned into a minor spat. Very minor since I started laughing when J. began to mimic the mourning doves' song. He even tried to add lyrics. I'm holding my ground that mourning doves sing pretty; I hope they're not actually sad.

And, I see sunshine today! The weather widget on my desktop tells me the sunlight is fleeting. Thunderstorms are predicted for both today and tomorrow. I kinda like thunderstorms, but I'd prefer the sun to stick around, especially since Johnny leaves tomorrow after Church for a short out-of-town gig. The best I can do is to take advantage of the sun while we have it, so we'll take a walk here soon.

Over a morning mug and a half of yerba maté (the Gaucho Fuerte blend today), I blog-surfed via my mixed links (to your right). Our friend Keely is always posting great videos on her blog - queen anne's lace; worthy causes which avert my gaze from any personal woes. There is more going on in the world that one woman's battle for health. The thing about her videos is that without fail, they choke me up, but I guess it's good to be moved, to be aware, and to pray.

Sons of Lwala is Keely's latest video to share, and it's worth watching:

[visit the web site to join their mailing list. They'll let you know when the DVD is ready for purchase.]

Then I read a few Psalms which reminded me, whatever my perception of sunshine or dark thunder, if the weather affects my mood or not, all changes in the forecast actually praise God. Quite a thought:

"Yea, the darkness is no darkness with Thee, but the night is as clear as the day: the darkness and light to Thee are both alike."
[Psalm 139:11. Psalm 139 is so good, isn't it?]

"O praise the Lord of heaven: praise Him in the height. Praise Him, all ye angels of His: praise Him, all His host. Praise Him, sun and moon: praise Him, all ye stars and light. .... Let them praise the Name of the Lord: for He spake the word, and they were made; He commanded, and they were created. .... Praise the Lord upon earth: ye dragons, and all deeps; fire and hail, snow and vapours: wind and storm, fulfilling His word."
[Psalm 148:1-3, 5, 7-8]

I need to read more of the whole Bible, but I'm having trouble getting away from the Psalms right now. Lately, they are my best prayers.

OK, time for that neighborhood walk now. I still see the sun.


Sarah Marie said...

I hear you on praying the psalms. Praise God for prayers that echo our heart, and say the things we sometimes cannot...

your blog is such an encouragement to me.

jenni said...

Oh, thank you, Sarah. I enjoy your blog, too!

keely said...

Thanks for this post Jenni. . . I cant wait for you guys to see this film!

jenni said...

We can't wait, either.