Our walk was nice. We admired a neighbor's tree, blooming white. I don't know what kind of tree it is, but wow. I wish I'd taken the camera along. The sunlight gradually hid further behind clouds. Those clouds rained on us; at first lightly, then a little harder. So, we came inside for lunch and watched another Battlestar Galactica. I'm telling you, watch that show. Join Netflix if you have to.

I see the sun is now out in the open. Wait - it's hiding. Silly weather. I'm lazily blog-surfing again. Johnny is vacuuming upstairs. My only defense is that I'm very dizzy (R.I.P., yeast). Plus, he offered to vacuum. He kinda likes that chore.

.... Look what I found - Stain teacups. Brilliant philosophy. I'd like both, please.

Another good mail day, too. I received a beautiful card from my pen pal. It made the inspiration wire:

[when the sun was hiding. Click both to see a tiny bit bigger & clearer.]

Hey, Laura - where did you get those cards? They might need to be my personal stationery. I have a card + tea bag going out to you on Monday!


Sarah Marie said...

love the doily print! So glad you got a sunny walk in this weekend!

jenni said...

Me, too. I need that sunshine.