To my friends who have or will have babies: beware. Johnny and I might give you gifts such as this onesie:

[photo by Amy Birsinger]

That little guy is our friends' (Ryan + Amy) baby boy, Elliot. Back in January, when J. and I were in Austin, we found that onesie at Parts & Labour (on S. Congress), a shop that only sells locally-made items. You have to know Ryan and Amy to understand, but that onesie fits both of of them (and Elliot) to a tee. Very cool family of six. You might remember one of Elliot's siblings - his brother Ian - who cooked a dish of peas for me. Here is Ian as a baby. The Birsinger children aren't really hurting in the looks department. I mean, look at their parents (click photo to see larger):

[standing with my Dad (on the right), watching me and Johnny drive away from our wedding. My Mom has her back to us. Photo by YiMay Yang.]

* - And, I posted the first installment of the Peace Like a River discussion. Beware of book spoilers!


Christine said...

Those Birsingers do produce some damn cute kids!

Kimberly said...


jenni said...

Glad y'all think so! Izzy, Athan, Ian, and Elliot B. are some of my favorite kids. We dig their parents, too.