If you stay in our guest room, you are not required to give us a gift. Not at all. However, Stu & Nicole gifted us with a Create-a-Commie magic hair wand set! We LOVE it:

It now sits on the fireplace mantel, near our Christ Pantocrator icon. I'm not sure what this says about me and Johnny. Hopefully that we have a sense of humor?

Before the Smiths arrived yesterday, they dropped by Taft Street Coffee and Xnihilo Gallery (both part of Ecclesia Church). Xnihilo is currently running a Stations of the Cross exhibit, all photography this year. The exhibit was great last year, so Johnny and I planned an afternoon date for this Friday:

-Taft Street Coffee.
-Xnihilo Gallery.
-Sandy's Market - to check their price of grass-fed beef.
-Crate & Barrel. I am sick of Tupperware and I've been pining over the glass food storage sets in C & B catalogs. We'll buy a set or two (maybe three), and if I play my cards right, two of these coffee mugs.

I'm partial to this bamboo tea bag box, too, but I don't really need it. I shall wait. But we do need bedside lamps for reading. Do y'all know of some reasonable, well-designed lamps that I should see?

P.S. ~ I don't need these bamboo taper holders, either, but aren't they nice?
[3/13 - Since I'm having a rather bad day, and this bamboo set of three is on sale for $18.00, Johnny decided they would look nice w/local beeswax tapers on our dining room table. I agree. Thanks, J.]


kate ortiz said...

the search for the perfect bedside reading lamp is ongoing in this house. and three cheers for your grass-fed beef discovery.

jenni said...

Thanks, Kate.

allison said...

Can I come with you guys? :)

jenni said...

I wish, Allison! You will be with us in Taft spirit.