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I really enjoy writing for The Sustainable Scoop. Obviously, I'm a natural kind of girl, more than most. I was reminded of this when my parents visited last week for my brother's birthday. Both my Mom and brother took a whiff of my current favorite body lotion - Tropical Traditions Baby Silk - and crinkled their noses. My Mom politely said, "It's not as bad as I expected." My brother said, "That's horrible." But to me, the combination of rosewood, lavender, ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, geranium, and rose essential oils smell wonderful, and even help me fall asleep at night. I don't know why, but aromatherapy has always worked for me.

I digress. The Scoop is a fun job and a natural fit, though I'm challenged with each review to improve my writing. But it's not only my granola side that enjoys writing for Kerry. She and I happen to share similar ears for music, too. One perk of writing for Kerry is that periodically, she compiles sampler Monthly Meals CDs for those who contribute to The Sustainable Scoop, and her friends in the natural foods industry. These CDs (as the title implies) are meant to go along with one of her delicious Monthly Meals (from The Scoop), or another healthy meal. Kerry's philosophy is that a good meal and good music go together.

I could not agree more. The latest Monthly Meals CD will go quite nicely with grass-fed beef fajitas tonight, as we dine with Stu & Nicole:

1. Turn on Me ~ The Shins.
2. Sea Legs ~ The Shins.
3. Postcards From Italy ~ Beirut.
4. Ocean of Noise ~ Arcade Fire.
5. Keep the Car Running ~ Arcade Fire.
6. Missed the Boat ~ Modest Mouse.
7. My Eyes ~ Travis.
8. Like a Ship ~ The Traveling Wilburys.
9. Into the Mystic ~ Van Morrison.
10. Over the Hills and Far Away ~ Led Zeppelin.
11. Slow Show ~ The National.
12. Guest Room ~ The National.
13. Hard Sun (Main) ~ Eddie Vedder.
14. Boy with a Coin ~ Iron & Wine.
15. Lovesong of the Buzzard ~ Iron & Wine.
16. Guyamas Sonora ~ Beirut.
17. Nantes ~ Beirut.

[waiting for chips & salsa]

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