[photo by YiMay Yang]

I had planned to post that picture tomorrow, on my brother's birthday. But it takes me forever to get going in the morning, and I didn't want to run out of time before my parents arrived to sleep over. And I didn't want to blog instead of visit with my parents.

My "little" brother, Jody, is turning 30 tomorrow. I do not think I'm actually old, but my brother turning 30 somehow makes my age of 33 seem ancient. When he was an infant, I interpreted for him because don't you know? ALL big sisters know everything, especially what their little brothers are saying.

I still remember when he disappeared in our childhood backyard, behind the garage. I walked back there to witness his new hairdo, courtesy of himself. I immediately yelled, "MOO-OOM! JODY CUT HIS OWN HAIR!" He no longer sported a perfectly symmetrical bowl haircut, but instead, a very asymmetrical 'do.

I've always been a big wimp and I used to be scared of thunderstorms. I often crawled into my brother's bed (at Papaw & Nana's house) until he gently made fun of me, telling me to be brave.

Though my Dad is a talented coach, I am way un-athletic. Pretty much the only time sports caught my interest was watching Jody play football or basketball in high school. His football jersey was #88. He was a talented athlete. Like father, like son.

When Johnny and I were dating, Jody waited tables at the most charming little Italian restaurant. One night when Jody wasn't working, Johnny and I met him there for dinner, very specifically so that my brother could see if my boyfriend passed inspection. While we all sipped a lovely pinot grigio, I could tell (with relief) that Jody liked Johnny a whole lot, and vice versa.

Whenever I dreamt of my wedding, I prayed that my husband-to-be would want my brother to be a groomsman. Once Johnny and I were engaged, I didn't press him, but I hoped. Needless to say, I was delighted when Johnny quickly placed Jody in his list for groomsmen. That is me and my brother in the photo above, at my wedding reception. Jody looked handsome, didn't he? He was very loyal to stand up for us - he was sick on that cold & rainy January day.

So, little bro, though I don't think you read my fascinating blog (thanks a lot) .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE! The 30's are fantastic - you'll see. You are one of my favorite men. May this year surprise you with joy. We'll see you tomorrow night!


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