before waking

We just bid my parents farewell. I think their visit was way too short! But we had fun with Jody last night at his small, cozy apartment, and over a feast at Saltgrass Steakhouse. I confess that I became a little teary watching everyone eat Shiner Bock bread w/butter, but I wiped away tears as my Dad told a story he heard from a speaker, invited to my parents' school for a chapel service. My Dad related: a family in Mexico split one cucumber eight ways - their food for the whole day. Then I recalled an article (via Liz Seay's blog) - how many Haitians make dirt cookies to satisfy their hunger pangs. Those cookies are literally just mud + water. At that point, I looked at my dinner salad and 7 oz. steak, felt quite ridiculous, and thanked God for such a feast. I still wanted that bread, so my Mom tried to convince me that it was no good. She is sweet, but sorry - no dice, Mama. My nose told me otherwise.

We arrived home late, thus we woke up late. Well, except for my Dad. He stirred before the rest of us to run an errand downtown. He probably would not want me to share why, preferring to keep such things hushed (very wise), but I'll mention it anyway to reveal only one reason why I admire my Dad as much as I do. He visited Houston several months ago for a mathematics conference downtown. Walking around on a lunch break, he met a homeless man named Tony and treated him to lunch. My Dad returned for another conference and felt badly that he forgot to find Tony, to buy him lunch again. So this morning, my Dad drove all that way to find Tony for breakfast. He didn't locate him today, but I was reminded that if I do anything good in this life, it is first very much of God (not me), and the lasting impression my parents leave on my heart every day.

Johnny and I tumbled out of bed before my Mom:

[a common scene: Johnny & the Bible, drinking a cappuccino]

[my new favorite morning brew (Tazo organic chai tea bags, sweetener, and coconut milk), a bamboo spoon, and a book loan + Etsy gifts from my Mom. Thanks, Mamacita!]

[these prints moved to a new wall in the kitchen, though they're only temporarily pinned up until I find just the right frames]

[a foreshadowing of spring and Easter ~ blue wooden eggs]

[what I'm reading today]

* Along with my coconut chai up there, I recommend golden ginger tea. Go ahead and throw a cinnamon stick in both beverages. You will thank me. Oh - and my Mom also bestowed to me her old People magazines. Another confession: that zine is a guilty pleasure of mine, but only if it's free.

And if you are wondering, the first day of spring 2008 is March 20th. Easter is Sunday, March 23rd!


kate ortiz said... you always coordinate your table decor, drinks, and reading material? ;) love the eggs.

jenni said...

I do seek out those shades of blue, but my Mom loaned me the book, so that one is her fault. Yes, I did notice the drink matched. I'm just like that! The eggs are super cheap, by the way.