sweet faces

Today the light is quiet .... Johnny & Milo keep making me laugh. Milo's been full of energy, hanging his head over the upstairs rail, literally spinning 'round, and running from room to room. Now Milo is sleepy, thank the good Lord. Johnny tried to restrain him earlier for a little photo shoot, but as you can see, the cat wasn't into it. But I love those imperfect, faded photos ~ my husband's handsome, happy, kind, sweet face. I'm thankful I get to look at him every day.

[Harley makes me smile, too, but he's been sulking today, tired of Milo's antics. He's off somewhere on his own turf.]

Please note the Moroccan lantern behind the boys. It's a gift from our friend Holly who knows my exotic flair very well. Johnny hung the lantern - it looks prettier in person, and will look even better tonight with a local beeswax tea light aflame.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


Sarah Marie said...

The top photo is adorable!
Love the Moroccan lantern! Moroccan decor one of my favorites. All the intricate designs and shapes are breathtaking to me.

jenni said...

Thanks, Sarah. Moroccan decor is a favorite of mine, too. In fact, Morocco was my favorite country at Epcot Center in Florida.