paradise now

[photo courtesy of indieWIRE]

Also, before watching Good Night, and Good Luck, we saw a preview for Paradise Now. The trailer caught our attention - the kind of story you don't often see on film. It looks promising to me.

I moved it up in our Netflix queue, right behind:
-two more Battlestar Galactica discs,
-The Kite Runner (I loved the book),
-and The Nativity Story.

Right after Paradise Now is:
-Paris Je T'aime (thanks, Kate),
-Beyond the Gates of Splendor,
-I Am Legend (J. is esp. excited),
-Amazing Grace (thanks, Mom),
-and The Science of Sleep.

We have 96 items in our Netflix queue. The newest additions are Arrested Development discs. I can't wait!

What's at the top of your Netflix queue (or to-rent list)?


jadunham said...

3:10 to Yuma
There Will Be Blood
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Darjeeling Limited

Got a subscription for hubby's bday.

Christine said...

LOOOOOVED Dan in Real Life. Also, August Rush. I really want to see Darjeeling Limited. We got Atonement last night and it was raunch.

jenni said...

Jean ~ lots of those discs are in our queue, too.

Stine ~ I've heard Dan in Real Life is great.

To both of you ~ I HIGHLY recommend The Darjeeling Limited. Love that movie.