That would be Johnny's birthday gift from Stephen and Star Smith. The Obama action figure, that is. The Create-A-Commie is from Stephen's brother, Stu, and his wife, Nicole (a previous housewarming gift). Johnny thinks both gifts are hilarious, so he promptly placed 'em on the fireplace mantel. We are neither commies nor Obama supporters (nor for McCain).... Obama's box is brilliant. It says, "An action figure we can believe in."

Johnny liked my gifts, too, though I didn't get the funny-prize. I gave him a personalized ("JOHNNY!") black-leather flask, stainless steel flask accessories (funnel and 4 shot glasses), four Glencairn whisky glasses (via Amazon), and volumes 1-4 of The Winning of the West by Theodore Roosevelt. Johnny is becoming rather cultured in his drinking, as you can see.


Johnny! said...

Your gifts get funny after I've used them.

Christine said...

Awww, happy birthday, Johnny!

March to the Sea said...

that would be a cool gift! Get it!