glósóli revisited

I've mentioned Sigur Rós's song + video, "Glósóli", several times on this blog. I still believe it is one of the best videos ever made, as in the top five. I find both the song and visuals to be magical, healing, and triumphant. So, I'm posting the video again. I feel like we all need to see/hear it, and I don't think it ever gets old.

By the way, Kaboom Books was the perfect little bookstore! I'll share a few thoughts on books for calvin a bit later - about the store and an odd, fabulous time at Church, immersed in the story of Esther.

Enjoy the day, this day the Lord has made. No matter what your emotions seem to say, it is good. He is good.


Ali O said...

i have loved this video since the day i set eyes on it. i totally think my children could pass for Icelanders. and i totally want to dress them like the girls in this video.

jenni said...

Your daughters would totally fit right into that video! Please put both of 'em in bear hats and post photos on your blog.