-I'm feeling better today. Yay!

-Fun outings await us this evening: Kaboom Books (web site to improve soon, but look at all those books), Church, and the biggest Whole Foods in H-town. Or second-biggest. Regardless, we'll be able to pick up a few things that our local, smaller store doesn't have.

-Friday: we're taking my Godson's sister out to lunch, to see her off to college. I first met Cecily when she was around the age of four. Now I really feel old.

-Saturday: I'm going to see NIN w/Johnny and my brother, y'all. Rock on.
[I felt icky, but Johnny and my brother rocked out and a friend took my place]

-The next recipe to try ASAP: coconut macaroons (from Dr. Hotze's cookbook). Y-u-m.

-Some of you might be interested in the reading/writing/office supplies I posted on books for calvin.

-I just ordered an Old Faithful [Madagascar vanilla, Mexican vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, herbs] Dirt candle cuz my peppermint vanilla living room-candle has burned its last. And because Johnny kindly entertains my aromatherapy needs. He's a good man.

[photo courtesy of ecofabulous]


robyn a. jones said...

i wish you had a scratch and sniff blog:) and the macaroons sound yummy. i can't ever find unsweetened coconut around here though.

Holly Gil said...

Rick and I will be at NIN as well. Maybe we will see you guys there.

Christine said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better today - yay!

kate o. said...

the candle sounds great. our old house can smell, um, a bit funky at times so i've been on the lookout for some more candles. thanks!

jenni said...

Robyn, the more I think about a scratch and sniff blog, the more I love that idea!

Holly, we should meet up in the lobby so I can hug your neck.

Thanks, Stine.

Kate, I do recommend Dirt candles. I've purchased one before and it was amazing.