our lady, star of the sea

Really, you need to be reading Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Thomas is mine and Johnny's newest hero, and I mean that quite seriously. He lost his wife, Alison, to cancer 10 days ago, yet he keeps blogging. Clearly, his faith hasn't budged. His writing is superb and he still manages to find beauty and humor in his life - right now, 10 days into his worst nightmare. He's also very honest. He hurts beyond description, but he trusts God in the face of nothing making sense. He trusts God with Alison. It's one of the most beautiful blogs I've read in a long time even though my heart aches for this brave man. I know he's not blogging to help others, but little does he know that he is helping me. It's like what I read about memoirs: they encourage you because if the author lived through that, you can make it, too. My faith waffled just this morning, then I read Thomas' lovely, funny, sad words. Goodness. Time to get my chin up and keep it up.

Be sure to read this poem Thomas posted when Alison died. Only men filled with valor and faith can make death poetic.

Most importantly, pray for Thomas, please.


Christine said...

This blog made me cry when I read it the other day, linked from your sidebar. I think that poem he posted when she died is the most beautiful thing I've ever read in my life.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

made me cry to. . . what a brave man

kate o. said...

thank you for the link. i agree with you about today's post of his. tragically funny. i feel like i've truly been blessed and learned so much from blogs like his. i remember the first time i came across a blog that chronicled the sickness and death of an individual. i didn't know quite what to do with it. but now i am so thankful when i come across a well-written one. i've learned quite a bit about pain and suffering, in a helpful way.

nicole said...

I also cried reading it a few days ago. he's a true inspiration, and I'm glad he and the Lord are holding together so tightly.

and yes, being in nature is key.

cletus said...

wow. i can't continue to read his blog. after reading the latest post i scrolled down to august 4, 2008 & read the post the day before she died. then i read the henry van dyke poem... that's all i can handle. sad and beautiful.