west elm eye candy

A west elm catalog is something we both like to find in the mailbox. We're perfectly content with our furniture (west elm and otherwise), but it's fun to peruse catalogs isn't it? I thought I'd share a few things that caught my eye in the September '08 issue. Like this eclectic wall display of decorative, utilitarian, wooden objects (we still have plenty of wall space to fill):

[Click to see larger. Note the little chair ~ I have a thing for little chairs.]

The ladderback chairs are beautiful, very Shaker to me. Now that I think about it, one would look charming in a corner of the guest room:

I might just have a thing for chairs in general ~ the oval back dining chairs are really cool, too. So is the round leg dining table. And, I'm in love with the cypress tree-stump tables. One of my life goals is to find similar, affordable tree stumps to use as end tables by our TV room-couch:

To be honest, this lamp is still on my mind. I'll keep an eye on it and pray for a sale:

Speaking of, we use these bamboo beauties in our bathroom and they're now on sale (going fast):

[all photos courtesy of west elm]

Man, the rain is pouring right now. Johnny's gonna hop out to the garage to paint anyway. The light fixtures are hung and he selected wood laminate flooring today - "Planked Oak." The coming-together of his drum studio is getting close!

My plans for the day involve laundry (as always), resting, reading The Year of Magical Thinking, and window-shopping: the early autumn collection from TOAST and everything from Les Indiennes. We'll bake more coconut muffins, too. Look. I chatted with my friend Spivey last night. She and I have the same doctor and he confirmed that (unsweetened) coconut products are ├╝ber-healthy as described in the book, The Coconut Diet. Plus, I'm happier when a batch of muffins await me in the kitchen, right Johnny?

Starting tomorrow I'll focus on reading and research for my next Curator article (due in September) and shopping for a dress. I have lots of skirts and blouses, but not an actual dress. Can you believe that? Fashion is not my forte. However, we have a semi-fancy wedding to attend in Dallas on Saturday, so dress-shopping it is. I'm actually excited to own "a little black dress." Or deep blue. I like to wear blue.
[my health is not spectacular this week. Pray for me? Traveling to Dallas is looking unlikely, but we shall see what we shall see.]


alissa wilkinson said...

Most of our furniture is actually from West Elm, because it was a little cheaper than Crate and Barrel but not quite as college-y as IKEA. We did get most of it used on Craigslist, though. I love their stores!

Mmmm, coconut.

kate o. said...

i've been eyeing those chairs.

and that wall display is a great idea. i can't tell you how much empty wall space we have...too much.

Christine said...

Oooh, I love the stumps. And you make me laugh when you say "eye candy".

jenni said...

Alissa, their stores are pretty cool. We loved wandering around the one in Houston when we purchased a few things to go with our then-new house.

Kate, take your time. It's a fun, slow process to decorate a house. We're not done yet by any means.

Stine, is not each item eye candy??

Robin said...

Ooh, have fun shopping for a dress!
I have to wear dresses or skirts to work every day, so I have lots.
Dresses are fun for making you feel girly!

Kimberly said...

I am SO loving those curved back dining chairs! They look comfy.

Kimberly said...

I hate to hear that you're not feeling well again. I'll be praying for a change for the better and that you'll get to travel to your friend's wedding.

jenni said...

Dress-shopping has been postponed as well as our Dallas trip. But that's OK. My body needs to rest and we'll go to Dallas soon enough - my parents live there after all.

nicole said...

oh! we have two of those oval back chairs, but they're mid-century and not west elm. I, too, have been looking for affordable stumps. I've been reading about making your own (how to avoid sap, how to finish them, etc.), because I have yet to find any that seem remotely :( worth it in price; the ones in the room & board catalog sure are nice looking, though.

been catching up to the posts I've missed, sweet friend. you are strong in the Lord, and have us praying for and loving you.


jenni said...

Nicole, could you send me that info.? - did you find it online? oooh - I love Room & Board, too.