funny boys

For my last random blog post of the day, I have silly photos of Johnny and Judah:

[it's even funnier to watch Johnny do this - he thrashes his head every which way very fast, cracking himself up. Photo by my husband.]

[Judah talking on my cell phone, to his adopted-grandmother, my Mom. They chatted for a good 15 minutes. Photo by Judah's Mama.]

[last night, Johnny and I babysat Judah while his parents went on a date for their anniversary. After cartoons, Judah discovered Photo Booth. He loved it! He giggled and giggled and we couldn't stop laughing, either. Oh, and he scratched his nose during the week somehow.]

[this was Judah's favorite self-portrait. He said, "That's a lion!"]

Omar, Lorena, and Judah's electricity is back on. That is a blessing, but Johnny and I sure miss our good friends and the loud, little voice bouncing off the walls. Ah, but my introverted soul does need to recharge. We'll just have to invite them over much more often.

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