worth your time

:: A beautifully-written review of Marilynne Robinson's book, Home (which I've been staying up too late at night reading). One of my goals in life is to write book reviews (and books) of that caliber.

:: Another great book review ~ Marilynne Robinson on Annie Dillard's book, The Maytrees. This novel seemed slow to me at first, but in the end, I fell in love.

:: Daniel Asa Rose's interview with Annie Dillard. I was surprised to read her say, "I'm a housewife: I spend far more time on housework than anything else." As I do laundry today, it made me admire Ms. Dillard even more. Her writing is superb.

:: Andy Osenga's new EP ~ Letters to the Editor, volume II. You can either kindly pay him $$ or download the album for free. I love both his use of melody and humor within songwriting. One song is beautiful and moving; the next is still both of those things, but also quite funny. Great tunes.

:: This very-pretty blog.

:: Brewing loose tea in a French Press. I highly recommend the process. I'm currently into yerba mate w/lots of cinnamon.

:: Mars Hill Audio Journal, volume 92. This morning I listened to:

-Jake Halpern, on the ecosystem of celebrity.

-Stephen J. Nichols, on the American Jesus.

:: I'm not sure that Dancing with the Stars is worth your time, but my Mom and I will be watching. You gotta let go and have fun in life; be a geek now and then. Lots of other good (much better) TV starts up this week as well, so Johnny will get our DVR ready. I don't like being bound to the television or time slots, but I do like me some Grey's Anatomy and Heroes. And LOST, but that's not 'til early 2009 - boo.

:: I almost forgot about a brand new show that I'm dying to see ~ Spain...on the Road Again. Oh, wait. It's not showing in Houston. Thanks a lot, PBS. And I've been so good to you. Why no love?


allison said...

Thanks for the links to the book reviews, and for the French Press recommendation. I think I'm off to make some now;)

kate o. said...

i've been meaning to catch up on my mars hill listening during nap times but i keep getting it was watching "miss pettigrew lives for a day," also worth your time. glad to hear you liked the halpren interview, i thought it sounded good.

and i'm so sorry spain... isn't playing on your pbs. how sad! the first show airs for us tonight - not that i'm rubbing it in!

jenni said...

Allison, which tea did you make?

Kate, I truly hope you enjoyed the show. I think I can buy it on iTunes later?

Anonymous said...

I love the (free) shoes. How does that happen?

your mama

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i love your banner!

robyn a. jones said...


Kimberly said...

I love the new banner on your blog! Too cute!

jenni said...

Mom ~ I don't think Andy Osenga is giving away free shoes, but I'll walk you through the process to download his CD - for free if you tell some friends.

Thanks, y'all.

laura said...

yes, the new banner is GREAT! who did it for you?

jenni said...

Thanks, Laura! I mentioned the designer in the blog post above this one - see "seventy and sunny."

Sherry said...

Thanks for the links about The Maytrees. I just finished reading that book this week. It was my first A. Dillard - couldn't believe what I've been missing - must. read. more.

jenni said...

Yes, you MUST read more Annie Dillard. I highly recommend A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.